June is National Iced Tea Month


Iced tea was first introduced at the St. Louis World's Fair in June 1904. Credit is given to Englishman, Richard Blechynden, who was representing the tea growers from India. On this hot, sultry day, Mr. Blechynden and staff were having a difficult time sampling their hot tea to fair attendees. Desperately trying to figure out what to do next, he saw a block of ice and was struck with an idea. They used an ice pick, chipped away at the ice block, & dropped the ice in the cup. The rest is history!


Iced tea is a refreshing way to enjoy some of your favorite teas that you usually serve hot. Steep your tea like you usually do, let it cool, and pour it over ice.


Be adventurous! Many teas that you never considered as iced teas are delightful iced!